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10 Secrets About Best Back Pain Relief That Nobody Will Tell You.

best back pain relief

Our body is a masterpiece. A unique combination of nerves. Millions and billions of veins and arteries form this magic in our body of sensation. Just because of our neurological system we can sense pain and pleasure in our body. Even if a small vein or artery is damaged by any means of accident or injury, we can stop feeling these sensations in our body, may be for a moment, may be for a few days or months or perhaps forever. Recently on a Blog News I came across an article regarding the numbness of the body where the brain, spinal cord and nerve disorder causes such kind of irregularities. So if we are feeling any pain in our body, then certainly our nerves system is working well. But of course nobody likes pains, be it in body or life, everybody wants to eradicate pain out of their lives. Back pain is one of the most disturbing pains among so many. When your back hurts, you even fail to carry your own body. You face difficulties in walking or performing any other physical activities. If your back ache subsides within a few days with exercising or some remedies then there is nothing to worry about.  But if it retains for long, please seek medical help. It is very important to rule out the root cause of the pain. There are a lot of home remedies and exercises for Back Pain Relief that we will discuss here today. You can always get relief with these tips.

Medical help

  • Local application ointments – you can always get these pain reliever creams over the counter from any medical store. They prove to be quite effective. Many times your pain will subside with these creams itself. Any brand of diclofenac diethylamine cream gives a huge relief in these kinds of pains. You have to apply this ointment twice a day. Keep the affected area covered and warm for best results.
  • Painkillers – I am not a die hard fan of painkiller tablets, but yes if necessary one can rely on it. There are many combinations available in the medical stores. One of the most prescribed painkillers among them is Brufen. This medicine gives you relief from the ache. These are good muscle relaxants, and prove to be a good help for the pain.
  • Sprays – one of the most effective ways to get relief from back pain are muscle relaxant sprays. Though these sprays don’t give you a permanent solution but for an immediate relief, you can rely on them. These sprays get absorbed into your muscles and sort of numb them. You stop feeling any pain once you have sprayed the affected area with it. One of the most popular sprays is iodex spray. It is easily available in India at least.
  • Painkiller bandage – this is another medical treatment for backaches.you can get These bandages in medical stores. These bandages are equally good. You can put this bandage on your back and get the desired result. In case of any urgency sprays and bandages are quick options.

It may sound tachy, but at times backaches can turn your world upside down. It becomes so unbearable that nothing seems to be working. Despite all medication you always end up with frequent pain especially on special occasions. Have you ever wondered when you know you don’t have any medical condition or any valid reason behind your pain, why do you get that? Let us know about it. At most of the times backache is because of lack of physical activity, deficiency of vitamins, and almost no exercise. It is very important for a human body to maintain a balance between diet and exercise to avoid sudden muscle fatigue. Pains are actually the outcome of muscle fatigue.when your muscles aren’t strong enough they get cramped easily that leads to pain. Building up muscular strength is very important for a healthy back. For that the most important thing is exercise. Exercise will help you retain strength into your muscles. So let us know how to get rid of back pain with exercises.


Exercise for back pain

  • Body stretching – body stretching is very important for flexible back muscles. The more flexible muscles, the more power to retain strength in it. There are two simple ways of stretching the body. Stand on a flat surface. Raise your arms above in the air. Slowly raise your heels, stretch your chest while stretching your arms upwards. hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat it for 5 times minimum. Lie down on your back, raise your hands and try to stretch upwards pushing your feet downwards making your back and chest stretch. This will create a muscular impact on your back that will gradually build up the muscles there.
  • Side tucks – very easy exercise that is more fun. Remember how our teachers made us dance when we were toddlers. Stand straight Just place your hands on your waist. Tilt right and then tilt left. Yeah… just that. Keep doing this exercise for 2 minutes. It will make your back muscles flexible. You will feel more energetic if you practice this exercise daily.
  • Bridge – lifting your body weight on your arms and legs. Basically it helps to strengthen all your body muscles along with your back. Lie straight on the floor. Bend your knees with your feet on the ground and place your palms facing the floor behind your head. Now lift your body using your arms and thigh muscles making an arch. It may be difficult at the beginning, but with practice you will make it. This is a wonderful exercise for your back pain. It will further make it strong and flexible.

Long brisk walks are beneficial for long term results. Make it a routine to walk at least 3 kilometers daily. Walking makes your lower back and leg muscles strong. If you find it feasible, join a gym. Train your body. Get a stronger you. You always need a healthy body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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