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Why is Content Marketing Important to technology businesses?

What makes content marketing effective?

Switching to content marketing and digital modes was a change that revolutionized the way the world looks at a product. It has opened new avenues for marketing that benefits businesses of all genres and sizes alike. It is well planned, creative, cost-effective, and designed in a way that maximizes brand success. 

But what makes it so popular that it overtakes other traditional methods that can also be personalized? Digital marketing agency in Bangalore explains how, unlike traditional marketing methods, they cater effectively to both businesses and customers’ needs. It becomes an interactive bridge taking relevant information about products to a specific audience who require this information. It does not bombard everyone with the same bulk of knowledge (read: spam), hoping it would hit a few while missing a lot. In fact, content marketing is beyond trying just to sell a product. It is more about educating the client about their options while providing them your service. 

Content marketing also appeals to customers more psychologically. The techniques used assure increased sales by increasing the customers’ loyalty and liking towards the brand itself. On the contrary, traditional marketing only aims towards attracting their attention with repeated ads and offers, hoping they would give a try. This type of marketing fails to promise a higher level evangelist group of customers.

How does content marketing help technology?

Marketing Technology businesses are tricky when compared to other businesses, say cosmetic or even healthcare. Some of the main obstacles faced by technology companies in marketing are in:

  • Connecting brand to customer- Despite its relevance and broad scope, technology businesses fall short while connecting with their audience. Often, things get too technical for the audience after a point in time. Many successful technology brands have overcome this barrier through efforts of a social media marketing company in Bangalore, using brand stories, being more socially visible, and closer to the customers.


  • High-touch sale requirements- Marketing technology involves a longer sales cycle and constant interaction with customers to resolve their queries and understand their growing needs. Content marketing offers effective multimedia solutions that creatively serve these requirements.


  • Delivering the right content- A good part of the target audience for technology businesses are mostly technology experts. SEO companies suggest that to be safe from products backfiring or controversies, it is essential to market products in a light that focuses on its innovation, curiosity, and transformational factors. This part requires extreme care, even in content marketing.

The practical way to go about these nuances and effectively market technology online is to find a comprehensive digital marketing agency in Bangalore or a web Design Company in Bangalore. Having an all-inclusive team, an appropriate content strategy, and effective techniques would optimize the product’s outreach. These strategies aim to attain content goals like brand awareness, lead conversion, customer conversion, loyalty, and up-sell to the point of passionate subscription.

Advantages of Content Marketing using Technology Businesses

Technology businesses are very future-oriented and fast-growing. So what extra does content marketing offer in the long run? Is it worth investing in content marketing, or would it go obsolete in a few years? The answer to this comes from the statistics:

  • Consistent content marketing can improve conversion rates by 6 times in comparison with traditional marketing methods. This also guarantees up to 3.5 times more traffic if a company can manage to post at least 16 blogs per month.
  • Quality content engages and educates your clients, who, in turn, become more loyal and closer to the brand. A social media marketing company in Bangalore suggests that it also adds to the company’s credibility and authority as an industry expert.
  • In comparison with traditional marketing methods, content marketing costs 62% less but produces thrice as much leads. They also accelerate a client’s journey from visitor to buyer status much effectively.
  • SEO Company in Bangalore explains that evergreen content and blogs improve SEO and online visibility. Most customers visit a post, three to five times before deciding to buy the product. This also brings traffic to the site even long after their publishing.

What techniques work best?

Content marketing provides a whole array of options that work on multiple levels. They include various broad branches-email marketing company in Bangalore, video production company in Bangalore, a social media marketing company in Bangalore, and Web Design Company in Bangalore. They work conjointly to promote a visitor among the target audience all the way through the customer to evangelists. Some of the most effective techniques in content marketing utilized by successful technology businesses are:

  • Influencer marketing- It offers the fastest customer acquisition rates.
  • High-value content and video- These could be educational demonstrations, tutorials, and even testimonials. It can account for up to 73% positive ROI, according to a video production company in Bangalore.
  • Live events- An email marketing company in Bangalore can explain emails are the most effective channels to market events, followed by websites and social media. They improve brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement.
  • Marketing Automation tools and re-marketing to existing customers- A Social media marketing company and an email marketing company in Bangalore can suggest that emails and user-group events online provide easy user-generated marketing messages. Further marketing automation increases efficiency in customer acquisition and customer retention.

Most successful technology companies like Apple Inc., Dell technologies have already integrated these techniques into their existing content marketing strategy to get their brand voices across effectively.

Technology businesses grow each day exponentially. Marketing for such a volatile field requires a quick, cost-effective option that quickly reaches out to clients and educates them. Convincing clients and upholding their trust is vital for longer sales cycles typical to technology industries. Content marketing offers just the right solutions and the ease required for these needs.

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