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5 Great Toy Storage Ideas For Small Living Spaces

5 Great Toy Storage Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Living in a small space has many benefits, even for families. They encourage closeness between parents and their children and with their siblings, and it is also easier to keep things neat and tidy in a small space. One of the major challenges of living in a small space, however, has something to do with having toys around the house. Since many small living spaces do not have family rooms or playrooms for children, toys could easily take up a huge amount of space in these kinds of homes. 

Even if this is the case, it is still possible to keep toys organized and stored in small living spaces with the help of various things like storage bins and many more. There is more than one way to store toys in a small living space, and this article will explain more about these toy storage ideas.


  • Ottoman Toy Boxes 


Furniture that could double as spaces for toy storage is one effective idea of storing toys in a small space since all types of living spaces need furniture to be more functional, and buying one that could also serve as space where you could store your children’s toys will not only save you that precious space in your house but could save you money, as well as many of these furniture with built-in storage space, could be bought from discount stores and even online at an affordable price. 

There are several pieces of furniture such as tables that have drawers where small toys and even puzzle boxes could be stored. But some of the most popular furniture that could also function as toy storage are ottomans and even benches. Ottomans are perfect places to store toys because they have huge storage spaces inside them, plus they are stylish, easy to use and open, and comfortable to sit on.


  • Wicker or Woven Toy Baskets


Wicker or woven baskets could also be another great option for storing toys since they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They also complement well with living spaces that have a rough and ready look but woven baskets could be used in any kind of home. From hanging woven basket cubbies to individual wicker baskets, these baskets could be easily placed in any area of a home, such as the corner of a bedroom or behind the sofa in a living room. Because these baskets also do not take up a lot of space but could store several types of toys from Legos to stuffed animals, woven or wicker baskets are a perfect addition for smaller living spaces. 


  • Toy Storage Hammocks


Hammocks are often used on beaches or in any other outdoor setting where people could lie down to relax. But hammocks could also serve a special purpose in our homes, especially for our children who love having stuffed animals as toys. Hammocks that store toys could be purchased on any department store or through online marketplaces such as Amazon. What’s great about using toy storage hammocks is that they are easy to set up and could store up to 30 toys. They could also be hung up in a children’s bedroom and come in different colors. Since they are easy to set up, they could also be removed in just a few steps if in case your small living space needs to be renovated or cleaned. 


  • Stackable Storage Bins


Bins, boxes, or even containers that are stackable provide a significant advantage for small living spaces for obvious reasons. Since these things could be stacked, it becomes possible to store more items in a limited amount of space. Luckily, there are bins, boxes, and containers that could be stacked atop one another and could be used to store small toys such as Legos and puzzles and even stuffed toys like teddy bears. Although stackable storage bins are perfect when used in a bedroom, they could be placed in any extra area inside small living space. These storage bins also come in different sizes and colors, which is great if you want your bin to complement the style of your room while being a useful space to organize your kids’ toys at the same time. 


  • Rolling Toy Storage Carts or Shelves


Rolling toy storage carts or shelves tend to be taller than stackable storage bins as they are mostly made of wheeled steel racks and several plastic cabinets inside it. Despite this, however, rolling toy storage carts and shelves are useful not just in keeping toys organized, but also in storing other stuff such as underwear and other small things. Rolling toy storage carts are easy to set up and they could be conveniently moved from one area to another, thanks to the wheels below the cart. The cabinets in these rolling shelves also come in various sizes and colors, and because most of them are made from translucent material, you could easily see what’s inside each cabinet without having to open them completely.


Regardless of what you choose to store your children’s toys, these toy storage ideas could help you declutter your home while taking up minimal space inside your living area at the same time. Having toys in a small living space can be a bit of a problem, but using bins and furniture to store your kids’ toys ensures you cleanliness and peace of mind in your home.


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