Here’s Why Programming Is a Perfect Fit for Your Girlfriend and You 

The chances are high that when you were a cute little kid, you dreamed of becoming a policeman, and your girlfriend wanted to be a singer. Nowadays, children want to become bloggers and content makers. Indeed, the digital era has changed the desires and mindset of people. The most successful and rich people are somehow connected with high-tech technologies and the Internet. So, if you want to join the ranks of those who run the world and get whatever they want, you should pay your attention to programming. And if you have met one of the best pretty ladies and want to get a family, you can start everything from scratch together and build the future of your dreams.

  1. It is about freedom of creativity

Many people believe that to start programming, one should be a math genius. It’s a delusion. Programming is more about logic and creativity. For example, you and your friends have come up with a cool smartphone game as a joke. Of course, you can wait until some company overseas releases it, or you can do it yourself. And it is up to up to decide how this game will work, what rules, interface, and functions will be in it. With programming skills, it becomes possible to create a product from scratch or implement an idea, for example, an application, a website, a program.

  1. It pays off

The more skills you have, the more expensive your services are. For example, copywriters who can code simple Html pages, accountants, or managers who can automate Excel or Access using code cost more than their counterparts with just a basic set of skills. Large companies are growing rapidly and are looking for new ways to optimize. Hiring a development team is expensive. And it is a profitable solution to hire a person who will write articles, code, and even makeup on how to improve the mobile version of the site. Such specialists have much higher chances of getting a job in a big world-famous company and get a competitive salary. For example, more than half of the journalists already know how to code at The New York Times. When the publication changed its strategy and focused on the development of the web and mobile versions, they made the employees who are responsible for digital content take programming courses.

  1. It brings together

It is a bad idea to ask a developer to write a Ruby program because you read yesterday that this is a new and cool language. To do joint projects and understand how to set tasks, make edits, and in what language to speak with programmers in general, you need to understand the code yourself at least a little. Even CEOs and startup owners find it useful to learn how to code. For example, to find a good specialist on the market, personally conduct an interview, and adequately assess the level of the candidate.

  1. It saves time

How many times did you become bored when you had to do routine work? For example, you are a journalist writing for a popular science publication. You need to study in which countries lightning strikes the ground most often and understand what these regions have in common. It will take more than one day. Programming will speed up this process: you will spend 30-40 minutes on code that will help you quickly analyze data and create a report.

  1. It develops good habits

Programming is a painstaking process. Here you cannot just read a textbook in free time, watch a video on YouTube, and visit a couple of lectures. You need to be patient to start learning the language, digging through the code, and practice all the time. For example, to become a Python developer, you have to practice 2-3 hours every day for several months. It disciplines and helps you think structurally and strategically.

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