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How to control the kid’s daily screen time?

How to control the kid's daily screen time?

The Internet has changed almost all aspects of human life, including how our children seek information and entertainment. On the one hand, they are becoming easy to learn but in practice, they are very sensitive to the various dangers hidden behind it. This is why Internet parental control applications such as the Femiface Screen Time App are so important to many parents in the world.

The control of Internet parents involves a lot of things but one of the most important is to control the screen time or, in other words, the time children spend on their gadget screens.

Before going further, here are common ways to track children’s screen time app:

Features of FamiSafe Screen-Time App

  • Spying in stealth mode: – Parents do not want to reveal their spying activity and want to bring their child out. This is why they require a screen-time app that can operate in hidden mode. The FamiSafe Screen Time app works in stealth or undetectable mode on a child’s phone. Parents can check all online activity using remote devices away from their children.
  •  Reliable and real-time information: – FamiSafe app provides reliable and real-time information on the child’s device. We can know the exact location using a real-time GPS tracking system. In this way, we can also restrict or block the device if it is a habit of going to a gaming club and making digital payments.
  • Monitor their online activities: Using the Famicef Screen Time app, we can monitor children’s online activities. The Internet contains many illegal and inappropriate sites that are ineligible for children to see or see. So we need to ban or ban our children so that they are not able to watch porn sites or adult movies or visit sites like gambling or sports betting.
  • Protection from social threats: In modern society, young children make friends on social media without knowing the person’s real identity or motive for friendship. Taking advantage of this, criminals search online for their easy prey. The children are very innocent by heart, and they try to convince them to join their gang and fulfill their criminal intentions. When they refuse to follow his instructions, they start writing dirty comments and bad social media words. Many children suffer from depression due to this social bullying, and they commit suicide even when the situation is not under their control. Using the FamiSafe Screen Time application, we can check incoming and outgoing text messages on the child’s phone.
  •  Easy to use: – This application has an excellent user interface, which makes spying activity very simple. Parents can monitor and monitor their children’s online activities from their remote devices without any hassle.
  • Track screen time and specific application usage: – Children can use the Internet for various purposes. They can find interesting games and spend their valuable study time playing these killing apps. Using the FamiSafe Screen Time app, we can easily monitor the use of apps on children’s phones and restrict or block apps that are very time consuming. In this way, we can prevent unnecessary killing of time so that their study remains unaffected, and the examination performance does not deteriorate.
  • Block Adult YouTube Channels: – Sometimes, children watch adult movie channels or adult YouTube channels when they are alone at home. It can affect the psychology of the child. This is why we need to block or restrict access using the FamiSafe Screen Timer app.
  • Available in Play Store / Apple Stores: – Famicef is available for Android as well as iPhone users. So if your kids have Android or iPhone, you can easily download the FamiSafe Screen Time app on your phone using Play Store or Apple Store respectively.

About FamiSafe


As the name suggests, Famicef, which represents a “protected family”, is one of the parental control applications with the largest number of functions available on the market today. In addition to being able to find, prevent, and protect your children from cyberbullying, there are many other tasks that can make life easier for Sync on a daily basis, one of them being the screen time function. Note, FamiSafe can be a simple screen time app. Best of all, it does not require any technical skills or specialized knowledge to be ready to use the tool.

With Famicef, parents can remotely set screen time limits as well as find out how their children are using applications embedded in their phones. Screen time setting is “a safe force effort”, which reduces the risk of telephone addiction in children. The lower their addiction level, the more productive they will be. These are the basic rules. In some ways, smartphones help your children to gain information and also learn certain topics, but on the contrary, it carries various hidden dangers; Addiction, health problems, online predators, even cyberbullying.

The conclusion

It is very important for a parent to monitor their children’s real-time location, monitor their smartphone usage, and keep up to date with their location history. In the present day and age, it is very easy for children to deviate from their preferences or to get themselves into a harmful situation.

With the FamiSafe Parental Control App, you can easily monitor and manage your children, prompting them to better focus on tasks that carry value. FamiSafe is easy to use, completely safe, and easily priced.

Download the FamiSafe app from the buttons given below:;

Try the software. Thank you for reading!

So, are you ready to accept the responsibility of molding your youth as they grow up and keep learning about life? Parental control is the way to go!

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