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How to Save on Your Cable and Internet Bill

How to Save on Your Cable and Internet Bill

Are you spending megabucks on your cable and internet bills? Let us tell you one thing. You don’t have to pay this much amount!

Unless you are using TDS Telecom, which offers you incredibly affordable TV and internet plans from both fiber optic and DSL broadband, you can opt for ways to save more money on your bills.

Don’t Go For the On Premium Channels

Having HBO, and ESPN is more than a blessing, but when it comes to saving money you have to think of the smarter move. Cutting down on premium channels provided by some internet service provers can help you save a considerable amount of money each month.

This is one of the easiest practices that you can do to decrease your monthly cable bill. If this decision gets harder you can always cut the channels after the season of the National Football League. But do try it whenever you can, it will surely save you buck bucks that month.

Cut Back On the Cable Boxes

When it comes to trimming stuff from your plan to save money, premium channels are not the only thing you should consider stemming. The additional cable boxes that you opt for with your cable service, cost you an additional $3 to $12 per month.

If you think of reducing that extra cost you can save some more money each month. So try to return that cable box if you can.

Scrutinize Your Bill

When you receive your monthly bill have you noticed those advance terms used in the list of expenses? Well, if you don’t understand what they are then do not hesitate to give a call to customer service of your ISP.

People tend to ignore reading the details present in the bill. If there is anything on that list that you are not using, then you don’t have to pay for it. Make sure to go through the whole bill to make sure you understand everything you are paying for.

Downsize Your Plan

When you are economizing you must strategize the way you spend money on every necessity. If your current internet package is going out of your budget then you must take appropriate actions such as downsizing it.

You can trim your cable network bill by thoroughly go through the other plans that your cable provider is offering. You can check the must-haves and switch to the plan that comes under your budget.

Bundle Cable and Internet

Bundling is always cheaper than availing of any two or more things separately. The same goes for cable and internet connections. Several internet service providers are offering discounted bundles from where you can get both TV cable and internet services together.

Some providers also offer long-term packages where you can pay on an annual basis. This amount is comparatively lower than the ones you pay monthly. So if you do the math, and can stick to one provider for a year, this trick can work in your favor.

Negotiate With the Cable Provider

Are you good at negotiating? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Whenever you get any internet or cable plan do not settle for the charges they are already offering you. Always try to negotiate with your cable provider and ask them for any deal or exclusive plans that you might have missed.

This practice will not only allow you to know all about their offers, but you can also score some exclusive cutoffs that they are not officially offering.

Don’t Stop Looking

If you already have a cable or internet plan that complements your requirements, then it’s perfect for you. However, there is no harm in going for a better option. To do so, you have to keep looking out for other plans that have more to offer to you at a similar price.

You can also see packages from other service providers who might have to offer you more facilities at a much-reduced price. So don’t stop looking!

Use Local Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you’re financially draining and the cheapest internet or cable TV plan is also out of your budget then don’t lose hope. We have one last option for you to continue with your normal usage of the internet, this might require you to go out of your house, but desperate situations ask for desperate measures!

Several local businesses offer free Wi-Fi services. You can visit a local coffee shop or library to gain access to the internet. You might have to ask for the password, and there can be a possibility that they don’t allow you to sit unless you order something. So go for a milkshake and get your assignment done.


Saving money can be tricky, especially when it comes to cutting corners on the cable and internet plans. However, if you have read all the tricks we have discussed, you can utilize them according to your convince and save more money this year.

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