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Inspiring Bedroom Decor Ideas For First Home Buyers

Inspiring Bedroom Decor Ideas For First Home Buyers

Designing your very first home is bound to be your most exciting, challenging, yet most fulfilling design project ever! Your first bedroom decor direction carries a lot of weight.

We spend up to one-third of our lives in our bedroom. And the bedroom serves many purposes. The bedroom is for relaxation, getting dressed, reading, having meaningful discussion, intimacy, and, most importantly: sleep.

Your bedroom decor should aim to create a tranquil haven allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of life and feel instantly relaxed.

From selecting the best mattress for your first bedroom design to lighting, colors, and rugs, we are breaking down the best bedroom decor components to make your first home design unbelievably comfy and stylish. After all, it’s your first home, so you should have the best of everything!

Best Mattress

The best mattress for your first home should provide luxurious comfort and pressure relief. You can’t look past a memory foam mattress – voted the most comfortable mattress on the market for couples who love to sleep.

The mattress is the biggest and most important piece of bedroom furniture you will buy. Plus, it’s a long term investment. Most people only change their mattress every 8 years or so.

A memory foam mattress will stand the test of time, providing comfort and support after a long day of work. It’s best for couples because memory foam mattresses isolate motion. Unlike spring mattresses, which create a bounce in the bed, memory foam absorbs movement – so if your partner is tossing and turning – you won’t feel a thing.

Cooling mattresses are also essential for any first bedroom decor – luckily, the best-rated mattresses are even cooling mattresses. Keeping cool in the bedroom created deeper sleep allowing you to wake up fresh and active every day.

Best Bed Frame

Second to investing in the best sleep possible with a comfy mattress, getting a quality bed frame should be your second priority when designing the bedroom in your first home.

If its luxurious style and comfort you want, don’t look past the fantastic benefits of an adjustable bed frame.

Adjustable bed technology started in hospitals. But now, mattress brands have revolutionized the adjustable bed frame with a luxurious and futuristic twist.

You can get an adjustable bed base with all the bells and whistles:

  • Wireless remote controls
  • Dual massage zones
  • USB charging ports
  • LED lighting
  • Headboard attachment
  • Split-king for independent controls

Adjustable bases have become the most trendy bed frames for master bedroom decor. Research options online to compare deals and features. You are guaranteed to find one that matched the bedroom aesthetic you are going for.

Best Lighting

Lighting sets the mood. For your first home, deck out your master bedroom with beautiful light that adds character and ambiance.

For contemporary bedroom decor, keep it simple and functional with downlights that allow dimness control. If you are going for over-the-top opulence, a hanging chandelier will demand attention.

Rustic bedroom designs usually feature flush-mount fixtures hanging from the ceiling with textured lampshades.

Whatever decor style you opt for, ensure each bedside table has a lighting solution for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Best Colors

Bedroom color can be tricky, so it is best to keep it simple. The best bedroom colors that suit any bedroom decor are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Light Blue

If you want to get creative with bedroom colors, consider a feature wall, instead of coating every wall with a bold color.

Colors that are too bright or busy can negatively impact quality sleep. So using a feature wall adds creative flair without getting in the way of fantastic shut-eye.

Inspiring feature wall colors for your first home include:

  • Maroon
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Textures

Textures paints work really well on a feature wall – they add great character!

Directions for an LG Air Conditioner

An LG air conditioner window unit features a digital display and several buttons used to control the air temperature in the designated room. The unit is installed into a windowsill and blows cool air into the room as needed.

Best Rugs

Every bedroom needs a beautiful rug that keeps your feet warm and adds coziness to the bedroom design.

Whether you go for a faux fur rug, jute rug, boho patterned rug, carpet rug, or shag rug, ensure you know the measurements first.

A rug that is too large can overpower the bedroom and make it look smaller. Also, consider the design. If your room is designed with modern contemporary decor, get a plain white or grey rug without patterns.

Boho bedroom decor designs benefit from wild patterns such as Aztec prints. Luxurious bedroom decor best suits fluffy faux fur rugs

Importance Of Planning

Before you head to the store, put some time into taking all the required measurements for your bedroom. The best bedroom designs consider floor space. Drafting a rough floor plan will help you avoid overcrowding the bedroom.

Also, set a budget, so you know exactly how much you are willing to invest in your bedroom design and invest in order of priority.

You already know that the two most important aspects of your bedroom decor are the best mattress and a quality bed frame. Once you have these items sorted, you can design a bedroom that looks incredible and provides you with immense comfort.

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