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Know The Latest Necklace Trends This Season

Know The Latest Necklace Trends This Season

It is time to check on your jewellery collection if you just want to get out and flaunt your latest accessories. The trend for 2021 is over-accessorizing. Yes, you heard it right! After staying home-bound for over a year and lounging in pajamas, it is time to bring our A-game on. It is time to take out the pieces of jewellery you stored away and maybe invested in some beautiful pieces.

Necklace Trends To Shop Now 

Necklaces are an essential part of accessories to most of us. It adorns the neck beautifully and compliments the attire it is paired with. This year we see ladies wearing more than one neckpiece, unlike earlier where they preferred single and flimsy ones. If you are looking to buy an amazing one online, check out the best website to purchase gold necklace

Style Them With Any Outfit

Pearls are trending right now, with unique shaped freshwater pearls and cool shapes are on a high now. Chunky chain links, statement earrings, and chunky rings are also trending. Complement that with pearls, and you are set to go. This season you can expect exciting trendsetters when it comes to jewellery. Link chains have been in trend a long time, but this season they are going bigger sizes of link chains. Chunky chains with simple attires are eye-catchers. You can pair it with a classic t-shirt or salwar kameez to look chic. Chunky chains add a look of coolness to any simple attire. They can be worn alone or with a locket. The lockets seen most on chunky necklaces are in the lock or key designs. They give you and your attire an edgy look.

Unique Shaped Pearls Are The Prettiest Styles Right Now

It is impossible to imagine a world of jewellery without pearls. But while for many years smooth round pearls were in fashion, the trend has shifted, and unique shaped pearls are in now. Baroque pearls, with their natural shape, are catching the likes of the fashion industry. Whether as pendants, earrings, or charms on bracelets, baroque pearls add a touch of elegance to any look. Pendant necklaces and charm bracelets are making a comeback. Check out some of the best charm bracelets; you are sure to fall in love with them. It can be beautifully paired with a sari or worn with work outfits to add a touch of femininity to your overall look.

The mix of gold and silver is also in this season. It lets you combine both your favourite gold and silver necklaces. It can be casually worn with normal day wear or to glam up your party wears. The benefit is that you won’t have to forgo a certain piece of your favourite jewellery because it’s a different colour. The colour mix gives you the advantage of creating new and unique looks. It’s a modern and edgy combination that will bring out a dominant aura. If you don’t want to go too bold, you can still follow the trend by simply adding a simple silver chain to another simple necklace in gold. Even small colour shades can change a look and give it a cool look.

Whether you are going for an edgy look or a look oozing femininity, it’s the addition of jewellery that completes the look. It is rightfully said that jewellery can make and break a look. We often think of jewellery as an investment that is not affected by trends. But what’s jewellery without some seasonal refresh. Get yourself some cool-looking pieces and set the trend rolling.


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