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Rolex Watches: Watches That Last Longer

Rolex Watches: Watches That Last Longer

The Rolex brand is part of the prestigious watches across the globe. When you hear the word Rolex, people would instantly associate it with the watch. These watches promise outstanding craftsmanship and quality. You will be in admiration for the style and elegance that the watches portrays. Remarkably, these watches are durable. They can also endure extreme altitudes, deep water, and hard rocks. With all these great qualities, you will see why Rolex is worthy of your consideration.

Rolex Watches

Rolex came to be from the men named Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred David back in London. Hans Wilsdorf had a dream of watches being on the wrist. At this time, wristwatches were yet to be precise. However, Hans Wilsdorf anticipated that these watches would be reliable and stylish. The brand guarantees making high-quality, durable wristwatches. Keep reading for more history that would make you want to Buy Rolex Watches.

It All Began in 1902

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis distributed timepieces to jewelers and added their names on the wristwatches. The early releases got W&D stamped on the case back. It was not until 1908 that the Rolex name came to be. This same year, Wilsdorf registered Rolex to be the company’s trademark and open its office in Switzerland. Wilsdorf said that the world Rolex was like a watch is winding. He also wanted the brand name to be simple and have the people pronounce it smoothly all over the globe.


Rolex received the ratified certificate of chronometric performance. The next award came in 1914, a Class A precision certificate by the Kew Observatory. This is the first time that a wristwatch received such honor in England. With this award, Rolex became a well-respected brand worldwide.

Despite the awards, Wildorf wanted to produce excellent watches with precision, but he also wanted the watches to match the user in their active lifestyle. He wanted the watches to be able to keep functioning in whatever environment it may be in.


Wilsdorf had to leave England due to the wartime taxes imposed on luxury things. The silver and gold that they used in their watches became very expensive. Geneva became the place of destination for this move. In 1926, Rolex produced a game-changing model named the Rolex Oyster case. The watch came into the market as the first waterproof watch. Additionally, it has iconic aesthetics, which added to its appeal.

Brimming with confidence for Rolex Oyster, Wilsdorf sought Mercedes Gleitze, a famous swimmer, to wear one Rolex Oyster around her neck on her attempt to cross the Chanel in 1927. Even though Mercedes Gleitze failed to arrive in France, the watch’s performance was remarkable. No water was able to touch the inner workings of the watch.


The Oyster Perpetual made its debut. This model graces the Rolex dials even until today. It was a combination of both waterproof and dustproof qualities. Additionally, it has an automatic movement secured by Wilsdorf’s excellent masterpiece.

In the following years, each release made by Rolex became a classic. During the 1940s, the Datejust model came to be. Following it was the Submariner during the year 1953. Then two years following that is the first GMT-Master.

The Innovation in Rolex Watches

Rolex started in 1902, and through the years, the company saw many innovations and success. They went through so many first. One of the most remarkable first was the company being first producing wristwatches that automatically changes the date and day on the dial. Rolex was also the first to have a waterproof wristwatch that can go 100 meters deep. Rolex also became first in displaying two time zones at once. Additionally, Rolex became the first company to receive a chronometer certification.

Rolex continues to produce high-quality and stylish watches. The company has a long history. In whatever category, you will be able to find suitable Rolex watches. Rolex has the ideal watches for whether you want to purchase a vintage-styled wristwatch or a modern one. Furthermore, there are models customized for particular users.

Rolex Submariner

If you love swimming or diving, Rolex Submariner can be the best option to perfectly suit you. Being explicitly designed to endure water pressure and maintain its precision, this watch model is the ideal watch for you. If you find yourself interested in racing, the Rolex Daytona is the perfect find for such a venture. This model, mainly designed for racing, can provide you with the accurate watch you need and would surely be the ideal watch to have while racing.

The Legacy

Wilsdorf created a legacy in wristwatch making. The brand he made continued to provide the people elegant and reliable timepieces. In the modern world today, the Rolex brand continued to thrive. Wherever you may be across the globe, the Rolex brand maintained its fame. 

Final Thoughts

In possessing high quality, accurate, and stylish features, Rolex watches truly make a valuable purchase. For whatever the occasion, Rolex watches can be the perfect gift that would surely brighten a person’s day.


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