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There’s No Such Thing as an International Background Check

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It’s true. There is no such thing as a single global repository of information about every person on the planet that background screeners can access to provide you with information about a potential new hire.  And yet, global background checks are done every day. What exactly are you getting when you pay for international screening services?

When do you need an international background check?

The world gets smaller every day. People move and businesses expand. If your business is hiring an individual who has previously lived, worked, or studied overseas or if you are hiring employees to work for you in different countries, you need international background check services. Background checks, domestic and global, protect you and your business from risks associated with bad hires.

What can an international background check tell you?

While global screenings certainly have limits, they do provide verification of important information, including the following:

  • An individual’s identity
  • Work history
  • Educational credentials
  • Certifications
  • References
  • Criminal records

The only way to collect this information is with investigators on the ground. Professional global investigators speak the local language, know which government offices to contact, and understand the local laws, all of which are critical, especially in developing countries where digital records are sparse to nonexistent.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just a criminal record that makes for a bad hire; the risks of encountering fraudulent ID’s, education credentials, and work histories are significantly higher when different countries are involved. International background checks done by real investigators in country will help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. With the help of a competent global screening, you can know for certain if your new hire is who they say they are, studied what and where they say they did, and if they do indeed have the work experience they claim to have. That’s all good to know.

What are the limits of global background checks?

Any background check, domestic or international, is dependent upon the ability to access reliable information. Investigators begin with information the candidate provides regarding addresses, education, work history, etc. Incomplete information from the candidate impacts the scope and accuracy of the background check. If the candidate was convicted of a crime in a country where they never lived or worked, it will be very difficult to find evidence of that former misdeed. But that’s not all. Every country is different in how it stores information and in its laws about sharing that information. Investigators are limited by their ability to access reliable, official information.

Trust an Expert

While global employment screenings are challenging, their value makes them well worth the effort. Hire professional background check experts with a wide, in-country, global reach to conduct your international pre-employment background checks.

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