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Things You Should Know About Bangalore Before You Move

Things You Should Know About Bangalore Before You Move

You’ve packed your bags and are getting ready to experience the IT city, known for its beautiful climate, greenery and the startup culture. Maybe you are among the young migrants – the aspirational professional or the excited student – making their way to the Silicon City with big dreams. Whatever your reason to visit Namma Bengaluru, you are bound by a few commonalities as a newbie in the city and must know a thing or two before you move here, bag and baggage. 

Good Accommodation is Available for Those Who Know Where to Look: Your first step in Bangalore or any new city for that matter should be to look for a comfortable and quality accommodation. While some of the most well-known and best PGs in Bangalore are often the first choice for many students or first-time earners, if you look closer, you’ll find new age managed accommodation operators that have revamped the landscape. Leading operators like Stanza Living have created hospitality-led, high quality, all-inclusive amenities that are designed to prioritize consumer comfort. The best part? They have the community feeling that one may get in rented apartments in gated societies but at a fraction of a cost. 

The Commute: Ah the pleasures of commuting in Bangalore! While the city is a treasure trove to explore, you might not want to do that during the rush hour or when you are getting late for your classes or office. The infamous commute in Bangalore is a thing to be vary of, especially in areas like Bellandur or Silk Board where you almost every time get stuck in a jam. Getting an accommodation close to your office so that you can walk your way or defeat the clock by limited commute hours are wise ways to solve the problem. So if you have a job at Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal and the neighbourhood maybe a good choice to stay. Or if you are at ITPL, you can look for a PG in Whitefield or you can choose between Indiranagar or Koramangala if you work at the Embassy GolfLinks.

The Language: While the local language is Kannada, majority of the population understands Hindi and English. However, when in Rome, one must do as the Romans. It is therefore helpful if you ask your Bangalorean friend to help you with the basic Kannada terms so that you can get by in the city without having to rely on English or Hindi. Plus, it is great to learn an extra language!

It is India’s Garden City for a Reason: Cubbon Park and Laal Bagh are the lungs of Bangalore. From offering lush greenery to tired eyes, spanning across acres of beautiful picnic spots, these spots have become an an iconic part of the city. Cubbon Park is famous for its Dog Park, jogging trails and long-standing Bangaloreans who have made this gentle garden their community hub for many decades now. Lal Bagh is famous for its vast flora and expansive greenhouse which is every plant lover’s haven. In addition to these gardens, you can also witness ample greenery in some of the city’s old areas like Jayanagar and Malleshwaram which continue to retain the old Bangalore charm. 

Its a Haven for Foodies: Whether you are a student with limited budget to go by or a big wallet professional with an appetite for different delicacies, Bangalore has your back. From tatte idli and filter coffee to caviar and red wine, there is something for everyone in the Bangalore food scene. 

So if you are planning on moving to Bangalore, you are bound to have an experience where you will learn as well as have fun as you move along through the course of your stay. Bangalore is a diverse city for diverse people, so make sure that your backpack has the capacity to load up maximum amount of moments and memories to cherish.

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