Understanding the corporate gifting trend! 

Corporate Gift UK had been in existence for some time now. When employers or the management of a company give corporate gifts to their employees or clients, it is considered to be a sign of appreciation or goodwill. Most large firms have company policies for giving out corporate gifts to their employees.

A prominent question that many companies are often faced with is whether they should follow the same gifting pattern that they’ve been following for years. The answer is a big No. Brainstorm with the management level executives regarding a unique gifting idea. Chocolates are the best gifting option, whatever the occasion is. Morsetoad.com has made it a point to offer unique gifts so that the corporate gifting culture in the UK turns out to be a trendsetter!

Do’s and Don’ts of corporate gifting

  • Personalise the gifts: A personalised touch for the gifts would make the recipients feel special. It can also have a lasting impact on the mind of the receiver. For instance, if a company was to give chocolates with special messages for each team or department – it would make the recipients feel that the company values the team’s effort in that particular department.
  • Avoid promotional material: The whole idea behind a corporate gift is thanking the employees and offering a caring gesture. However, when a company is offering a corporate gift, a logo of the company on the gift is inevitable. Though there is nothing wrong in adding a small logo, beware of adding a big logo and promotional material. This would make the gift look like a marketing piece.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality: Decide a budget while planning for corporate gifts. Give the best gift that comes within the budget. Keep in mind that the gifts given to employees or clients can have a direct impact on the reputation of the company. So spend wisely and shop smart! Morsetoad.com offers some of the best corporate gifts in the UK.
  • Be appropriate: Corporate gift-giving comes with many guidelines. While customising the gift, keep in mind that the gifts must be appropriate and should suit the business environment. Eatables or chocolates are a good choice, as most people like them. Morsetoad.com can help companies to customise their gifts and messages. They offer branded gift cards, branded chocolate messages, branded chocolate treats and many more options.

Benefits of the corporate gift trend in the UK

The trend of corporate gifting in the UK has come a long way indeed. Though gifting around the holiday season is quite common, to make recipients special, it’s good to give them gifts for their accomplishments, successes or just to express that the company considers the recipient as a valuable asset! As corporate gifts impact the way the brand is looked upon by clients and stakeholders, let’s take a look at the benefits of the corporate gift trend.

  • Helps establish a good relationship internally and externally: The idea of corporate gifting can help the company establish a good relationship with the employees as well as the clients or stakeholders. It helps in shaping a positive opinion about the company.
  • One of the best ways to show appreciation: This is the best way to show appreciation to employees as well as clients. A corporate gift can ensure that business gift recipients feel appreciated in the right way.
  • Displays commitment to partnership: Business partnerships are dynamic. Corporate gifts can show continued and growing commitment to a company or brand.
  • Helps reinforce brands: As gifts of a company consist of a logo or other promotional material, it can help in reinforcing the brand.
  • Highlights the brand’s personality: Corporate gifts can have an impact on the brand’s personality. The corporate gift itself can speak volumes about a brand!
  • Gives hope for associations with clients or other companies: Thecorporate gift trend has the power to secure better relationships with potential clients or other companies. It also shows that their business or presence in the company is valued.

Some recipients such as government employees have to follow specific laws regarding the type and value of gifts they receive. When sending gifts to clients or prospects, always ensure you check whether the company is abiding by all relevant policies or laws in advance, to avoid issues in the future. When used as part of the overall marketing of the company, gifting can be highly effective in creating an impact on the recipient.

Gifts can motivate potential clients or customers to become one. Most clients are more likely to start a business or opt for the services of a company if it offers personalised experiences. Sending the right gift at the right time, will make the prospects take positive action, such as completing a purchase or opting for a service.

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