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12 Smart Solutions for Your Kid’s Bedroom Storage

12 Smart Solutions for Your Kid’s Bedroom Storage

Kids and their toys equal to clutter – let us admit it! It’s such a challenge to have kids and to have a tidy home at the same time. However, many may agree that it is possible. We can have a clutter-free home by choosing appropriate kid’s bedroom storage. All we have to do is make wise choices. We have to train our children during and after playtime so an organized home can be achievable. 

We compiled 12 smart solutions for your kid’s bedroom storage. These solutions are versatile enough to answer your kid’s bedroom storage problems no matter your child’s bedroom size.

1. Redefine Your Furniture 

Let’s start with your kid’s bed. You must invest in it. Use those extra and empty spaces under the bed. Bunk Beds with bottom drawers are indeed functional and save a lot of space.

2. Think of Comfort and Space Saver 

Your next space saver can be just under your sofa. You can convert it into drawers. These small drawers can serve as storage for books and other small toys. A kids bedroom storage is the answer for those small spaces and clutter problems at home.

3. Create Play and Kids Bedroom Storage as One

Be creative as you can be! You may utilize storage areas as a permanent part of their play area. Always remember to put safety first when considering this idea. Organize props or toys on low shelves. You may also keep dress-up clothes or costumes hanging. Shelves and racks can function as a display for some pretend play of your kids.

4. Reinvent Your Bookshelves 

Rearranging or redesigning your kid’s bedroom for more space doesn’t always require purchasing new items. You may still work on an existing piece of furniture at home, and this includes bookshelves. 

At home, search for old but still chick looking boxes. You may place them in your bookshelves, and they can hold plenty of items for you. The good thing is, it’s on the shelves. So it means unless it is on the lower part, it’s out of reach of your kid. 

5. Use Those Pretty Wicker Baskets 

Your kid’s bedroom storage may include wicker baskets. With the bedroom’s color/theme, you can never go wrong with these baskets. They are stylish and practical. Aside from storing blocks, you may use them to organize accessories, belts, and extra pillows that you keep. They are also an excellent solution for storing school supplies. 

6. Transform Your Old Furniture 

When replacing old furniture like a table, don’t throw anything instantly. You may transform these tables into an ottoman or as a table play area for your kids. If you decide to make a play table, your boxes can also be useful. 

7. Purchase Those Canvas Totes 

Not enough budget for investing in bunked beds? No worries, canvas totes for under the bed storage are great ideas for managing spaces in your kid’s bedroom. They are way more affordable but still serve the same purpose—to maximize space. 

8. Find that Space Behind Your Door 

The back of the doors is a perfect spot for hanging your organizer. You may use this to store school supplies and other similar items. Who says shoe organizers are only for your footwear? You may also use a double-decker rod in which you can hang more clothes. 

9. Take Advantage of the Hidden Space at the Recessed Ends of Your Closets

A set of wire shelves is another useful hack you need to add storage. Place them at the recessed ends of the closets. They come in a variety of measurements. So it’s essential to measure the space in terms of width and depth. If you are not very confident with measurements and the arithmetic that comes with it, then ask for help. The last thing you would want to buy is the wrong wire shelves. Thus, wasting your money. 

10. Discover A Pegboard’s Other Purpose

 A pegboard is a common item at a workshop. It’s a craftsman’s best buddy in organizing his tools. However, plenty had already noticed its versatility and used it for other purposes. Now, it becomes a favorite in answering problems with kid’s bedroom storage.  

With some hooks, shelves, and baskets, a pegboard can be an organizer for a wide variety of items. Thus, saving space in any bedroom.  

11. Utilize those little corners

Those little corners beside the doorway can be much more useful than you think. Floating shelves are great ideas for putting those little corners into use. There are a variety of materials you may choose from when buying or making your floating shelves. Moreover, they are an excellent fit for your kid’s bedroom storage ideas.

12. Consider Wheeled Drawers 

Last on the list are wheeled drawers. The drawers are equipped with wheels, and your kids can put out their toys quickly. Who knows, they might also find it enjoyable because of the wheels. 


There you have it, our 12 smart solutions for your kid’s bedroom storage. These are some ideas you could use to maximize space in your kid’s bedroom, and may you find them helpful. However, creating a clutter-free home requires more than storage areas. It needs patience from parents and modeling to develop discipline. With these two together, a clutter-free home is possible.


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