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6 Great Storage Ideas for Your Narrow Bathroom

As a homeowner, it is very important to have storage all-around your home for keeping important things. Lately, it has been the trend for a lot of people to make unique storages not only for your home but for your office as well. But it doesn’t need to be that complicated when finding storage, especially if it is for the bathroom.

The bathroom is by far one of the most difficult rooms where you can put storage in but that didn’t stop people from making them. Bathroom storage has been somewhat practical and through the years it has improved aesthetically and functionality as well. They have used materials that are not only strong but also pleasing to the eyes and even can handle the environment of a bathroom well. In this article, we will be focusing on different Bathroom storages perfect for your narrow bathroom.

1. Over the toilet Storage

If you haven’t seen or heard of over the toilet storage, it is a storage space located above your toilet. Most of them are of open concept and can be available closed. They are usually not mounted and can be adjusted according to preference but can be available as a fixture as well. Over the toilet storage can be a great addition to your bathroom not only for its function but also for its aesthetic aspect that adds flare to your bathroom. You can store towels, toiletries as well as memorabilia to change the mood of the room.

2. Medicine cabinet

Most old homes do have medicine cabinets in their bathroom. If you do not know what it is, it is a cabinet that is located on the top of your sink. Medicine cabinets are sometimes dual purpose in which they can be used as storage space and a mirror at the same time. A lot of people may say that it is already outdated and unfashionable thus shifting to another type of storage.  But through the years, many have shifted back to using this type of cabinet due to its performance. And today, manufacturers of medicine cabinets have improved their design to a more modern look while maintaining its use.

3. Vanity cabinet

Vanity cabinets are very popular right now. Usually, they are cabinets located below your sink or mirror. Depending on its design, it can give a very stylish look to your bathroom. Apart from being a fashion statement, it can also store a lot of things depending on what you decide on. Usually, for vanity cabinets, it is a storage for makeup essentials and equipment used in the pursuance of beauty. But they can also be used in storing toiletries as well as cleaning materials for your bathroom.

4. Portable Bathroom Cabinets

 Since not all bathrooms are equipped with storage fixtures, many people would select a more flexible type of storage such as a portable one. These cabinets are very space-efficient thus placing them in your bathroom is not much of a hassle. It also comes with rollers for easy movement in the bathroom. Design-wise, most come with a simple design to not overpower the theme of the bathroom. It can also be an open concept such as racks or open cabinets.

5. Bathroom Shelves

A bathroom shelf can be over-the-toilet storage but not all shelves are one. Depending on the position, it can be an independent type of storage in the bathroom. Despite being simple, it is a much sought out tool for every household to have in their bathroom. Based on your preference, it can be used as storage for most of the things inside your bathrooms, from your towels to makeups or even a display for plants. If installed correctly, it can be a valuable asset to your bathroom.

6. Shower Niche

Last but not least is Shower Niche. If you have enough money to install this kind of storage then go ahead. Install would not be the right term since technically a shower niche is a space carved out of a bathroom wall to be used as storage space. It can be a stylish addition to your bathroom since it can bring depth to it, literally. Since it’s an open concept shower essentials are usually placed here together with towels. You can display candles, plants, or memorabilia to bring a whole new mood to the bathroom.


Storage space has become one of the factors that we consider when looking for a home. And it would be amazing to find available storage space in a small room such as the bathroom. We know that a lot of people don’t have the luxury to own a large bathroom equipped with multiple storage spaces. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have storage spaces in rooms, especially the bathroom. With this article, the details given should help you out in choosing the right storage spaces for your narrow bathroom.

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