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7 Amazing Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

7 Amazing Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Want something good to start this year? Though days of the first month have gone by, it is never too late to do a new year-starter activity. So, how about a little bathroom makeover?

Bathroom decluttering is one big satisfying thing to do and finish. Aesthetic-wise, it is pleasing to the eyes if things are organized and styled. Yet, if the bathroom is quite small, how to make an upgrade? Well, worry not. You can add something by not taking too much space. Here are seven amazing bathroom storage solutions. One or more will surely fit your needs and preferences. 

Bathroom Storage Over The Toilet

This kind of bathroom storage over toilet shelves saves a lot of space. Thus, it is a perfect fit for small bathrooms as it is placed over the toilet. Decluttering is made easy with this, and you can have as many shelves as you like. Have side shelves as well for more storage. It comes in many designs and is highly functional. Some can be standing shelves or anchored by the wall and ceiling. To avoid items from falling, some bathroom storage over the toilet has small baskets. It also has a cross back design to make it sturdy. Aside from bathroom essentials, many prefer adding indoor plants and artsy décors on the shelves. These will accentuate and give more character to bathrooms.

Wall Shelf

The shelf mounted on the wall does double duty. You can store as many essentials on the shelf. For the extra purpose, add some hooks to hang robes, towels, and the like. It doesn’t require too much space on the floor as it is on the wall, and it is very practical. You can place it over the mirror sink where you can easily get things you need. A viable option also is to build it yourself; it’s less expensive and adds to your creativity. 

Pocket Shower Curtain 

This is no typical curtain. It can multitask. It is made of thick plastic to block the water from spreading outside the shower. On the other hand, it has pockets that can hold your shampoo, soap, loofah sponge, shower gel, razors, and other stuff. It is quick to grab bath items when showering. Since it is plastic, it can easily be wiped—no sweat in cleaning.

Shower Caddy

Firmer storage to have for heavy bath bottles is a shower caddy. It is hung on the shower and usually has suction cups for extra support. It can be in two or three layers. For it to last long, a rust-proof caddy is the best. It can be made of stainless metal or plastic. This material is easy to clean as well.

Over-Door Hair Tools Holder

If you run out of space to keep your combs, brushes, hairdryers, and curling irons, why not try an over-door hair tools holder? Any storage that can be hung saves so much space, and that’s great. You can add compartments to your hair tools holder so that items are separated from one another. It will be easy to find. Holders can be made of steel or wood. Just make sure it’s durable enough to hold items. You can find this item in many home furnishing stores and more online shops.

Over-Door Towel Hanger

Unkempt and wet towels may cause a little fuzz in your bathroom. It is not hygienic and is not good to look at. To keep it organized, you can install an over-door towel hanger. Unlike hooks, this is a better alternative to dry towels quickly. You can make sure towel fabric will not be ruined, as it is hung properly and neatly. There are now expandable hangers in the market. It commonly has three layers. As it is easy to install, this item is a must-have.

Under-The-Sink Organizers

If you can have storage over the toilet, storage under the sink is an excellent idea too. This is taking advantage of vertical space on your sink. There are now many of these on online stores. It varies in different shapes and designs. Under-the-sink storage can be a sliding tray, pull-out organizer, or multi-tier. You can put a caddy or basket for extra room to keep bathroom essentials. If sinks are higher, you may stock tall bottles and other big items. To be more budget-friendly, you can build it yourself. You may recycle old trays and caddies. DIY is great, as you can design it according to your liking.


There is always a way to turn things around. Like bathroom makeovers, it doesn’t need to be too costly and too difficult. All you need is to find the right items, like having space-saving storage. Choose to be resourceful and creative. You can transform your little private spaces in full style and usefulness. Indeed, a good way to start the year and do it all year round!

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