A Guide on Online Card Payments Without a Website

Online payments account for a significant portion of the payments industry. 29% of India’s eCommerce payments in 2019 were attributed to credit and debit cards, with a major piece of the pie being taken by digital wallets, bank transfers, and cash. As a result, accepting online payments has become synonymous with higher revenues.

Credit and debit cards enjoy a handsome share of the online payments industry. However, the biggest disadvantage is for those businesses that cannot accept cards because they do not have a website. Most often, this is the case with small businesses. Most merchants don’t know that even without a website, it is possible to accept payments via cards. This blog provides all the details about the process.

How to accept card payments without a website?

Even for businesses with a website, the card payment is processed by a separate entity called the payment gateway. This gateway is integrated into the business website.

What if there was a way to isolate the payment gateway from the website and share it alternatively? That would enable businesses without a website also to accept card payments.

Well, this is possible by using a payment link. A payment link associates a gateway to a URL or a link such that when the customer clicks on it, the gateway opens up. It is merely a matter of time now as the customer has to select the preferred payment mode to carry out the transaction.

How can I generate a Payment Link?

Getting started with payment links is a simple process that requires very little time. The major challenge here is selecting the correct payment link service for the business. While there are some important points the merchant must consider while evaluating the services, a lot of this decision is based on the business requirements.

After choosing a reliable payment link service like Zaakpay, the merchant must sign up for it by paying nominal payment gateway charges. Post verification of the account, the merchant gets access to the dashboard. From here, payment links can be generated instantaneously. These links can then be shared with the intended customer by using any suitable medium. The dashboard also provides the real-time status of all the transactions. By checking the dashboard, the merchant can also track the payment status for the links generated.

Factors to consider while choosing the payment link

  • Support for Different Cards

By using an online payment link, the business must accept all major types of credit and debit cards. The customer can click on the payment link and select the card to make the payment with. They would then be prompted to enter the card details and authenticate the transaction through an OTP. The transaction will be processed if everything is as it should be.

  • Security

The card details are considered sensitive information that must be kept confidential at all costs. There can be dire consequences if it somehow falls into the wrong hands. Customers will abandon the purchase if they find the gateway doubtful. This is why merchants should opt for a service that provides maximum security.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of regulations that ensure absolute security of card information by encrypting the data. Payment link services that are PCI DSS compliant should be given priority. Services like Zaakpay lay great emphasis on safety with additional features like Two-factor authentication or authentication via OTPs.

  • Pricing

To use the payment links service, the merchant has to pay the payment gateway charges. These charges would depend on the type of payment options, the volume of transactions, and several other factors. The merchant must check the pricing of the service before opting for it to ensure that it won’t become an added financial burden for the business later. One of the most affordable services in this sector is Zaakpay.

  • Dashboard Support

The business might be receiving multiple payments via cards. It can get complicated for the merchant to keep track of all the transactions manually. A gateway that has a robust dashboard with the status of all payments should always be chosen. The facility to create multiple links for accepting bulk payments is an added facility that merchants should be looking out for.

Zaakpay- the Best Payment Link Service

For small businesses willing to start accepting card payments but lacking a website, Zaakpay is one of the best options in India, with low payment gateway charges. It offers an easy onboarding process for merchants to get started directly. Zaakpay has a customer-centric approach with support for all major credit and debit cards used in India.

With Zaakpay, merchants can collect card payments from a wide range of card network providers. From the security point-of-view too, Zaakpay’s payment gateway is compliant with all global regulatory standards. It also provides a wholesome user experience across all the devices and screen sizes. Customers can make the card payment from whichever device they want to. Thus, Zaakpay’s Payment Link is a bundle of all the features that a business without a website needs to get started with card payments.


The majority of customers today prefer making a card payment. Businesses that are yet to start accepting card payments should immediately gear up and set up their online payment solution. If they don’t have a website, they should opt for a suitable payment link.




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