Prepaid Plans- To Suit Every Pocket

Recharging your mobile plan monthly can seem to be  a challenging procedure. You may easily forget about the expiration date and use up your remaining balance, while on other occasions, you may believe that the prepaid pack should have lasted a little longer. It would be considerably more aggravating for those who do not use the internet to recharge their phones.

So, if you’re having trouble charging your phone every 28 days, Jio and Airtel have some unique prepaid plans that won’t break the bank. These plans provide a lot of data but are only beneficial if you only want to use your phone for calling.

A prepaid phone plan, commonly termed a pay-as-you-go plan, is one of the best ways to save cellular service money. Users pay only for data usage, and you’re not bound into a lengthy service commitment. However, there are some disadvantages to consider too.

There are many advantages of using prepaid plans for recharging your phones. These include –

  • Price –

Prepaid plans can save your money because you only pay for the data you use. That is especially true if you primarily use your phone for talking and texting, which are frequently priced separately (and less expensive) than data plans.

  • No credit check –

Many carriers demand you to submit a credit check when applying for a two-year service contract. Ensure that your credit score is not poor, or else you may not be eligible. Therefore, a prepaid plan may be a better choice.

  • Freedom –

It does not lock you into a long-term service agreement, so you may switch carriers or phones whenever you want.

  • Control –

If you’re gifting a phone to someone in your family, you’ll have more control with a prepaid plan. That can only utilize the data you’ve given them. So you won’t get any unexpected expenses. For parents concerned about their children’s phone usage, this is a suitable alternative.

Some disadvantages of prepaid plans can be –

  • Price –

Data rates with prepaid plans may be higher than with contract plans. You would also have to pay the whole retail price of the phone. That sometimes includes a discount or payment plan when you sign a contract.

  • Time Limit –

While some data plans include unlimited speak and text, those with limited or no data often have time limits and bounds the number of messages you may send. That can aggravate if you haven’t planned for time.

  • Limited Roaming –

When traveling to foreign nations, prepaid plans sometimes have limited roaming capabilities. If you travel frequently, a standard service contract may be a better option.

Everything has pros and cons to it but one must choose wisely.

There are many operators offering the best plans like: Reliance Jio offers two prepaid plans- one is a monthly plan, and the other is a yearly plan. Airtel’s new prepaid plans start at Rs.99, up from Rs.79 before. Meanwhile, unlimited voice packages are now available for Rs.179 instead of Rs.149, with annual plans starting at Rs.2,999 instead of Rs.2,498. Data top-ups are now available for Rs 58 (3GB), Rs.118 (12GB), and Rs.301 (50GB). For Airtel, the Rs.149 monthly package includes 2GB of data, 300 messages, and unlimited calling to all networks. The Airtel yearly package costs Rs.1498 and includes 24GB of internet, 3600 SMS, and unlimited calling. The pack is good for a year. Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge may be completed in a few simple steps using the internet. Enter your Airtel cell phone number and select a prepaid recharge plan from a list of the most popular Airtel Prepaid plans. Recharge to take advantage of special offers and enjoy a hassle-free Airtel Prepaid recharge experience.

Airtel comparatively has more plans than Jio and other such companies, which is noteworthy. It offers two monthly plans for Rs.149 and Rs.179 and a year plan for Rs.1498. These plans include excellent calling features.

With a prepaid plan, you choose the service you want to use and then buy one phone the service offers. The phone is then activated, and you pay to add a set amount of calling time to it. You can call until your calling time runs out, after which you must recharge the phone to use it again. To know more about Jio prepaid plans, you can check out the Jio website or download a third-party reseller app.





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