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Cooking Crush: Be a mad chef and play cooking games for free

Boy, oh boy! You can leave it to Flowmotion Entertainment to finish the job of making a virtual culinary world where the player gets to run a restaurant. Co-founders of Flowmotion, Ryan Yada and Dario Pavan, have really perfected the formula for a perfect cooking game. The kitchen games Cooking Crush surpasses my wildest dreams. To stand in the row alongside top chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, I would be more than honored but I know it is quite impossible in real life. However, the game makers have removed all hindrances and given their players a chance to experience food like never before! 

Play Cooking Crush 

Cooking Crush is a kitchen game that lets the player enter the city of Heartopia – a city known for its scrumptious food and amazing chef. Guess what, that is you! You are the amazon chef that serves up mouthwatering food, the city people can not get enough of! You are the real gem and you are so valued that you are running a whole restaurant solely. Customer service, cooking service, waiting service – you name it. You have everything in the palm of your hands. 

Cooking Crush Will Cater To Everyone’s Needs 

  • Cooking Crush will let you serve food to in-game customers.
  • You will be interested to know that you can serve people with food in real life with Coking Crush a well! Cooking Crush has been published by a company called Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. This company uses revenue from its games to feed hungry children via a Canadian charity, Backpack Buddies. 
  • Founders of Flowmotion, Ryan and Pavan, aim to provide more meals in the future – on top of the 45,000 meals already served! They have been working on their goal since 2014, when they kick-started this company from scratch. 
  • Cooking Crush allows players to cook in 10 virtual restaurants:
    1. Crème Café 
    2. Dream Deli 
    3. Salty Taverna
    4. Party Parlor
    5. Rockin’ Diner
    6. Crazy Cantina
    7. Donut Den
    8. Tandoori Treasure
    9. Perfect Pie
    10. Cake Corner

Do You Want To Cook A Low Cal Meal? 

  • Cooking Crush lets you cook a variety of meals so you can learn various recipes to please everyone. Your customers might ask you for a steaming hot cup of coffee or a delicious piece of pie, you will have to get their order ready in due time.
  • Do not worry if you do not know how to cook. Restaurant games will equip you with all the knowledge needed to whip up a fine meal. You will be made to walk through a step by step instruction manual at the very start. Once you learn the ropes, you will get the hang of it naturally. 
  • There are many healthy food options within the game such as fruit milkshakes which are high in vitamins and calcium, crisp green salads, delicious meaty tikkas, and the list goes on. 
  • Those who like fuller, more satiating meals, you can make them foods like fresh cheesy pizza, big juicy burgers, creamy cakes and pies. 

What do I think of Cooking Crush? 

  • It is a brand new cooking game. I did not expect much from it as it was free, to be completely frank. However, I have to eat my words (since I can’t help myself to the delicious virtual food #sadlife) as I had a wonderfully engaging time playing Cooking Crush. 
  • I learned various new recipes. I have even tried some recipes at home. 
  • The time-tight challenges have made me act quicker and I believe my time management skills have improved over time. 
  • I feel very relaxed while playing this game. In addition, the daily happiness challenges have inspired me to seek positivity even in situations when I feel pressed. 
  • Overall, the game has had a positive effect on me. I look forward to finishing more levels. 
  • I would highly recommend this game to all of you.


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