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How a Life Coach Helps in Dealing with Stressful Relationships

Stressful Relationships

According to a legendary German philosopher, Man is a social animal by nature. Relationships play an essential role in our overall well-being. People who are well-connected to their family members, friends, and people in society have fewer mental health problems.

A UK mental health survey has revealed that 12% of people in the UK feel replying to messages almost instantly is one reason for stress in their life. People often experience negative aspects of close relationships because one person in the relationship is over-controlling or intrusive. Suppose you are a Londoner finding it challenging to deal with stressful relationships, you need to consult a London life coach.

Finding the Root Cause

Relationships and expectations are inter-connected and the root cause of stressful relationships most of the time. It is common for people to expect certain things from your partner or people around you. Many times people go out of their way to please others. They settle for the first thing that comes along their way.

People in a relationship expect a specific level of attention, care, and love from their partner. When they don’t see it coming, they start thinking they are not getting the rewards they deserve. A life coach will try to understand your problem and ask you to create a healthy relationship behaviour.

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They will help you focus on your emotional needs and train you to develop ways to ask for them. With the right relationship coaching, you will build or rebuild a healthy relationship with your loved ones and the people around you.

Help Set Relationship goals.

People change with time and their relationship with other people changes with time. The real problem in a relationship is many people think they will be happier when other people behave the way they want. It seldom happens.

The relationship dynamics change with the type of relationships like friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships.  In romantic or family relationships, the life coach needs to work on both partners to deal with stressful relationships. A life coach can help his/her client to let go of painful memories that can bring considerable stress in life.  Do you know 74% of people in the UK are so stressed that they cannot cope with everyday challenges in life?

A life coach would work with you to create a healthy relationship vision.  It will allow you to have a  satisfying relationship without your partner’s need to participate in the process.  The life coach could meet both partners in a stressful relationship and teach effective communication and conflict resolution methods.

Maintaining Right Work-Life Balance.

Getting a job and keeping up with the competition is extremely difficult. A leading work-life balance and health survey has revealed, 55% of Londoners are stressed due to improper work-life balance.  People who work for long hours in offices don’t have the energy and time to maintain an excellent work-life balance.  It also affects their ability to create healthy relationships.

A London life coach would ask you basic questions related to your lifestyle to get an idea about the severity of the problem. The life coach will make you aware of the current situation and how it affects your relationships and other aspects of life.

Everyone has a different work-life balance depending on their priorities in life. The life coach will help you identify and list those life priorities to see a clear picture. They may also give you a few options to improve your work-life balance, like reducing work hours or changing a job.

Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching can play an essential role in nurturing relationships. It focuses on behaviour self-regulation, helps develop capacities, and practical stress management skills. The life coach would teach you skills to improve the emotional intelligence that enables you to deal with your feelings and other people’s feelings smartly.

Your feelings towards others determine every choice or decision you make in a relationship. Emotion coaching focuses on factors that motivate us to act positively. Low esteem and low self-worth are some of the effects of stressful relationships. A life coach works to build essential confidence in you to help overcome low-esteem and low self-worth and help you gain confidence in maintaining healthy relationships.

Only a highly motivated individual committed to personal transformation can create and nurture relationships that bring happiness to others’ lives.

Life coaches are good relationship coaches that can make healthy people high-performing. They can help uncover the essence of things you want from a relationship and guide you successfully through painful issues. Their relationship coaching can help you discover true desires and happiness in a healthy relationship.

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