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Happy Parenting: 8 Storage Hacks for Your Kid’s Toys

Happy Parenting: 8 Storage Hacks for Your Kid's Toys

As parents, we all know that dealing with your child’s toy is not as easy as 1-2-3. Sometimes, arranging, cleaning, and organizing your child’s playthings can be a tiring job. It can consume a lot of time that should be intended for other things and tasks you should do as a parent. In this article, we will share with you some toy storage hacks and tips that can help new parents (and even not-so-new ones) enjoy time with their children and their stuff. Check the tips below: 

  • Establish a playing room or place

As early as possible, establish a playing place where you and your children can spend time playing. In this way, you can train your child that their toys must stay at that place. It would also lessen the chances that he or she might lose their toys. With this, it is easier to locate the toys, clean them, and rearrange the stuff after playtime hours. You will have a designated room where your kids’ toy storage would be.

If you do not have an extra room or space for this, your kids’ room can also be used as a playroom at all.

  • Maximize the closet in your kids’ room

They are still kids. More often than not, they do not have a load of things in their closet except for their small clothes and things. With this, utilizing the free space in their closet as a storage room for toys can be a good idea instead of putting it in another storage room. Try placing bins or boxes that can easily fit on those closets to maximize the space that you have and separate different kinds of toys for a more organized closet and toy storage place.

  • Floating shelves for toys and books

Having a hard time thinking about where you can find an extra place to store toys? Take full advantage of your wall. Putting or building DIY floating shelves can give you and your child extra space to store their playthings. 

If your kids love to read children’s books, these shelves can also stand as a bookshelf instead of putting toys in it. Moreover, having these kinds of shelves can stand not only as toy storage shelves but also as a unique decoration in your child’s room.

  • Invest in a smart furniture

If you have enough budget, you should invest in smart furniture like a multi-purpose bed. Usually, multi-purpose beds can have storage under them. If you do not have enough budget for buying a new bed, you can also try and explore building a DIY bed that gives the same advantage and usage.

  • Use bins with tops

This is a practical one. Bins with tops can double as toy storage and even chairs where you and your child can sit. You can always purchase those in the shops that come in different sizes and designs. If you want, you can make your storage bin and use old stuff that you can find inside your home. You can then turn it into your personalized bins.

  • Reuse crates and boxes

You can reuse some old crates or boxes and lay them on their side, so they can serve as open cubbies. You can repaint those old crates to achieve a new look and harmonize the design of your kids’ place. With this, the old crates will serve as a new place to store your kids’ toys while having a new aesthetic design in your children’s room. 

  • From shoe organizer to a toy organizer

Just like the wall, you can also maximize your door and turn it into a toy storage place. To do this, you can buy a new or used old over-the-door shoe organizer and use it as storage for toys such as dolls, stuffed toys, toy cars, or even Lego pieces. It is one of the easiest and low-budget toy storage hacks that you can use at home. 

  • Magazine holder for coloring books

If you and your child love spending time playing with colors, having a magazine holder that you can hang on walls or other furniture inside the room can be a good option for extra storage. You can easily get these storage at the dollar store, or you can also DIY them. 

In A Nutshell 

Having fun and playing with your kids is one of the best parts of the day for every parent. Seeing their smiles and giggles while they enjoy their playtime gives us parents an everlasting joy. We hope that you guys can get some inspiring tips and hacks that you can use to help you with your toy storage problem. You can visit stores and even online stores like storables.com to check out storage bins and other items that may help you.

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