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Spacious Bathroom Shelf Ideas Best For You

Spacious Bathroom Shelf Ideas Best For You

The bathroom has taken center stage. Unpredictable global problems can get people more creative. For example, musicians have face challenges in the age of illegal downloads. Paying time for recording studios and marketing their music can be costly. Instead of renting recording studios, they have to be more creative. Recording in the bathroom makes sense. The outstanding acoustics can translate into excellent recordings. Another advantage is that it is in their own house. All they need to do is to stack gear and other gadgets within reach. For example, getting over the toilet storage; serves extra gear space. This space is where shelf ideas can become handy. Music is but one of the reasons why the bathroom has taken center stage. 

Below are reasons why bathroom shelf ideas are the trend.

Ways To Have Your Bathroom Cabinet or Shelf

  1. Do-It-Yourself method. This method is for those with advanced carpentry skills. For those who have the necessary skills, Youtube can help. Make sure you have the right materials. In this case, you need wood, nails, a hammer, a saw, and any other carpentry tools. Also, it is great to have a safe place to build your DIY shelves, cabinets, storage space, and more.
  2. The shopping method. You can go around the city to look for ready-made bathroom storage. If you are creative enough, you can buy min-book shelves you can turn into bathroom storage spaces. There are even plastic and metal versions. Plastic is light. Metal is heavy. With bathroom spaces, ensure that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages before getting one. Also, ensure that you are getting one that is of the right size for your particular sport. Over toilet, storage places done don’t have to be huge. 
  3. The online method. Shopping online is the most common thing these days. You can choose anything you fancy without leaving your house. However, there is sometimes the risk of not getting what you want. The items can be different the moment they arrive.

Spacious Bathroom For Meditation and Wellness

Yes, doing regular outdoor meditation can be fun. However, those living in the city can have problems with noise pollution. It’s just commuters honking their horns loud. It’s also pedestrians walking their dogs and creating extra noise. Even indoors, your household can be noisy; factor in kids, pets, or partners. Completing all the chaos can prevent your meditation. It only makes sense that the bathroom is a safe space to do this. No one can disturb you when you are in the bathroom. One of the excellent space saver ideas is to install a nearby shelf where you can put essentials like bath oils, scented candles, crystals, and even potpourri. It doesn’t matter where you put it. Ones, one of the easiest and simplest ways to do this is through an over-the-toilet space with a storage saver. 

DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Materials Best To Use

Not everyone has a bathroom the size of a bedroom. So, optimizing any small area you can find is a big help. An over toilet space saver can be like a tall shelf of considerable size but doesn’t get in the way. You have three choices:

  • Plastic: Plastic cabinets are a standard option. They are lightweight, and they come in different shapes and sizes. They are also easy to clean and install. The only disadvantage is that they don’t look as elegant as their wooden and metal counterparts.
  • Metal or steel: It is the most durable of the three. You can customize it through painting. The problem is that these cabinets are heavy.
  • Wood: the most elegant and popular of the three is wood. The only issue is that they are vulnerable to insects. 

Minimalist Shelves As Mini Recording Studio And Various Media Projects

As mentioned above, a bathroom is a quiet place where you can create audio-related projects. The project can either be your band music or a podcast. The lovely acoustics has enough reverb to enhance your voice. Getting an over-the-wall cabinet can work hand in hand with your over toilet space saver. After all, you don’t need many things to make a recording. It would surely help if you had a good microphone, a laptop, and a little mixer board to fit inside your over-the-wall cabinet. Since this will be your personal productive space(temporary or not), embellishments will do fine. Working in the bathroom will avoid unnecessary distractions. This idea is also helpful when you live alone, and you can have the privacy of claiming the space for the rest of the day.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit when you are dreaming and planning to create a comfortable bathroom space. Whether you have ample or limited space, it still depends on how creative you are in utilizing every corner of your room. The above storage ideas are just some of the plenty of ideas you can aim at improving your bathroom space. Aside from storing and building storage boxes, you can make your bathroom your little sanctuary where you can relax after a tiring day. However, in building your DIY projects, it is always important to follow safety guidelines when installing them.  


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