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Industrial IoT: What Is It And How Can It Help Major Industries?

Industrial IoT

Ever wonder how all the mechanisms inside a factory work synchronously with each other? You may not know it, but you already see the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in action. These devices are generally equipped with sensors and connected to wireless networks. They are also programmed to gather and share data to work with each other.

The onset of high-bandwidth wireless networks and low-cost sensors allowed even the smallest devices to connect to other gadgets. The presence of industrial IoT technology can help with tracking and monitoring. It can also let them share their progress with other devices to make the business process more dynamic.

The idea of the industrial IoT creates promising techniques for businesses. For example, those working in the manufacturing industry can benefit from using industrial IoT devices for the entire production process and overall business management. It can also help companies that depend on their machines and systems’ networking to improve their machines’ running times. It can also reduce the company’s maintenance and operating costs because it can detect which machine needs fixing before it gets broken.

Because of industrial IoT, the company will increase its customer satisfaction rate since they will fulfil the customers’ demands and needs properly and in the best time possible. To know more about industrial IoT, here are several examples of how this technology helps businesses across various industries.

Industrial IoT Provides Regulation and Automation for the Oil And Gas Industry

The modern solutions offered by the industrial IoT can make it more convenient for the oil and gas industry players to keep track of their hardware to know if something is on the brink of failure. By preventing the equipment from irreparable damages, the company will avoid buying new equipment. Thus, they can reduce their operational expenses.

The companies that drill oil offshore can also use IoT devices with an efficient industrial IoT platform to get continuous drilling areas’ continuous measurements to avoid errors. The device can also help them prevent any accidents while drilling. Pipeline leaks are also prevented using industrial IoT devices.

Industrial IoT Helps Mining Companies Increase Safety And Productivity 

While industrial IoT in mining is relatively new, the industry leaders can now use this technology to help them foster a safer and more effective operational ecosystem. Like its function for the oil and gas industry, the miners can also use industrial IoT for automated drilling. They also use industrial IoT sensors to alert the supervisors when their equipment is not functioning at the maximum level.

Industrial IoT Improves Construction Processes 

While the construction industry reportedly accounts for 6% of the global GDP according to the recent report released by the World Economic Forum, it still lags behind the other business industries in embracing modern technology. But it is slowly catching up with the help of the industrial IoT devices.

Nowadays, industrial IoT devices can enhance the safety and productivity measures in construction sites. They can install sensors and cellular routers to help workers communicate with each other from different parts of the site. With better communication, they can share a certain area’s progress or ask for reinforcements if needed to finish a portion of the building faster.


These industries are only a fraction of the businesses that can benefit from industrial IoT. You may find other businesses starting to invest in IoT devices for big commercial enterprises to make their processes faster and more efficient.

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