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Types of Properties a Northwest Montana Real Estate Broker Deals for You

Northwest Montana real estate

With over 5 million acres of public land and more than 1000 secluded mountain lakes, Northwest Montana is a special place for those looking for peaceful isolation. The crystal-clear flowing water, priceless mountain views and the cost of living index of just over 100 inspire many visitors to make Northwest Montana their home.

This year, Northwest Montana real estate has been a seller’s market, with the median home price at a staggering $295K, trending up about 7% year-over-year. On average, homes in this extensive mountainous area sell after 56 days on the market, indicating more buyers than homes.

When you wish to purchase your dream home in Northwest Montana, all that you need to do is consult a trusted real estate broker to get you the best deals. Here are a few types of properties the experienced brokers will help you pursue in the Glacier Country.

Premier Homes

If you have a lavish budget for a luxurious house, then the Glacier Country will not let you down.

Imagine owning a self-sufficient house, with the National Forest lands in all directions; it’s possible in Northwest Montana. With your property close to recreations like Blackfoot River and Landers Fork, you could enjoy a plush lifestyle in a fantastic wilderness backdrop.

A reputed broker can also show you executive Northwest Montana homes with spacious interiors and great views at an affordable listing price at about $300,000.

Country Homes

You might wish to enjoy great summers near the Clark Fork River and have quick access to recreational destinations like Rainbow Lake. It is best to invest in a country home that will perfectly fit your budget and facility needs.

If you are looking for a dwelling with specific requirements, contact the Northwest Montana real estate brokers for the best suggestions and listings.

Commercial Properties

The top real estate brokers in Northwest Montana list commercial lots in prime locations in Helena. They cater to your business requirements.

If you need a commercial property for your fly-fishing-based business, then opportunities in fly-fishing hubs such as those in Craig will allure you for sure.

Whether it’s for mobile homes and RV Parks, motels and restaurants, the brokers will get you the best deals within your budget.

Recreational Properties

Helena and Deer Lodge National Forests present the best location to have your dream cabin retreat. Such sites will appeal to you, with proximity to the Boulder River, offering excellent fishing opportunities.

The renowned Northwest Montana brokers present superb recreational properties like mountain and waterfront homes, cabins and vacation homes.

Your options don’t limit to homes in the Glacier Country. The region presents large properties, close to 40 acres, near natural resources like the Missouri and Dearborn River. Investing in recreational properties is the best way to enjoy fishing, hunting and live close to the nature that Northwest Montana is all about.

Farm and Ranch

Northwest Montana presents over 5000 farms, with a gross farm income close to $285 million.

If you are interested in such properties, there are opportunities in areas close to the Canadian border. The unique farmlands in the west of Glacier National Park and Tiber Reservoir are excellent choices. Not only can they generate income, but the picturesque backdrop also makes them a perfect place to make it your permanent dwelling.

A skilled real estate broker can help you buy the best farm and ranch property in this part of the state.


Vacant Land

The Northwest Montana real estate brokers list vacant land properties in the price ranges of $25,000 to $400,000 and over $400,000.

Whether you want vacant land with access to fresh spring water, or in Wolf Creek near the Missouri River, you can own property within $150,000.

With a vast property to do farming or used for recreation, you can enjoy fishing and hunting in the natural getaways that Northwest Montana proudly presents in plenty.

Horse Property

With the state having horses in the range of 150,000 to 180,000, the northwest region has over 27,000, making it one of the top 10 areas with a high horse population.

If you own horses, it is sensible to look for properties that include well-defined space for your race bets. A diligent real estate broker can get you a beautiful home consisting of a lovely horse enclosure with a large barn and hayloft.

With the excellent infrastructure in place, you can also access nearby communities and their offerings, such as the Daniels County Fair.

Final Thoughts

Northwest Montana offers outstanding recreational opportunities, such as the 5-day State Fair in August, in addition to its wildlife wonders and active art communities.

With a growing market for off-grid properties, up to 50% in the past decade, the region continues to see a 3.5% increase in median home prices. Engage an experienced real estate broker for the best deals on properties, to enjoy the Glacier Country’s pleasant offerings.

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