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Must-Try Singapore Local Gourmet Dishes

Must-Try Singapore Local Gourmet Dishes

Are you visiting Singapore for the first time? Then you probably want to know what are the Singapore local gourmet dishes that you should try. You must know that Singapore is a haven for foodies. But yes, it can be quite difficult to determine where and what to eat. So what follows is a list of local favorites that you absolutely must try if you are in Singapore.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

If you’re visiting Singapore then you should never leave without tasting the famous Hainanese chicken rice. And there’s no excuse for you not to taste it because it is being served almost anywhere, from hawker stalls, food courts, and even fine dining restaurants. If you haven’t tried this dish then the best way to describe it would be that it is a plate of boiled chicken served over a mound of oily rice. And the rice is cooked using chicken stock so it’s guaranteed to be very tasty. It is usually served with a side of cucumber, boiled egg, or chicken liver. And it’s not complete without the dipping sauce, which consists of dark soy sauce, grated ginger, and chili with garlic.

Chilli Crab

Hainanese chicken rice may be a favorite among locals and tourists alike. But it’s really the chili crab that put Singapore on the international culinary map. And there’s a good reason for the international recognition of the chili crab – it’s one very delicious dish. But of course, the secret lies in getting the freshest and the meatiest crab that you can find. And it will not be chili crab without the famous sweet-spicy sauce. The dish is usually served with steamed or deep-fried mantou or Chinese bun. But it also goes well with rice.


If ever you get stuck in Singapore on a gloomy rainy day then you need to treat yourself to a steaming bowl of laksa. For sure, your day will instantly feel better. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, then having a bowl of laksa can also be an instant health and mood booster. It’s a coconut cream-based soup with curry and rice noodles. Ingredients such as fish cake, shrimp, eggs, cockles, and beancurd are added to make the soup more flavorful. The Katong version has tiny bite-sized noodles that make it easier to eat it with a spoon.

Peranakan Cuisine

What happens when you blend Chinese ingredients with ingredients found in the Malay region? You get mouth-watering dishes that are unique to Singapore and Malaysia. Peranakan cuisine may not be as popular as other Singaporean dishes. But you will be doing yourself a big disservice if you’re going to leave Singapore without tasting at least one Peranakan dish. There are many local restaurants in Singapore serving Peranakan dishes. A good example of this is Sinpopo, which can be found in the country’s Katong District. The Peranakan dishes here are as authentic as you can get. A must-try is their Nonya Kiam Chye Arg, which is a salted vegetable duck soup.

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