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Tips for buying a motorcycle helmet

Tips for buying a motorcycle helmet

In almost all the countries, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but as always there are many very “smart” people who limit themselves to buying the wrongly called “motorcycle helmet”, yes, those that seem a “unique” and leave the face exposed, in addition to being very thin. These helmets are usually used on scooters or come as a gift when buying your motorcycle, but common sense should prevail in this, since they obviously leave a large part of the face uncovered.

The market has experienced exponential growth in the motorcycle market and its peripherals, but in many cases they are mainly Asian imitations, offering a similar product to the eye, although with a significantly lower price (even up to 80% less), which makes them interesting for our pocket. We believe that there should be tougher regulations and laws against counterfeiting, since here it is not a question of buying “pirate” tennis shoes from which the sole comes off, here, in an accident the helmet will split with your skull inside…

When you see the helmets in specialized places, you can say that the cost is high, but piracy is not worth it here, it is your life that is at stake, and forget about that widely used phrase of “it won’t happen to me” , because statistically it can happen to you. A human body is fragile, and more than 30 km / h the weight of the body multiplied by the impact causes fractures , but if the blow is to the head you can die, or worse … yes, worse, because you cannot die and be left prostrate with severe motor and cognitive injuries.

Types of helmets

Let’s go by parts, there are different types of helmets, which in some cases have very particular uses and others that can be better adapted to your needs, whether you move around the city or take long trips. First we have the Jet helmets that have an uncovered face, although their construction is better and in theory safer , but again, you have an uncovered face and that even at 20 km / h will leave a mark in case of a fall , these we do not recommend them.

Then we have the Modulars , which are possibly the best urban option, since you can lift the entire front part if you need air or to speak and when you move, close it to be protected. Much is said that, if the hinge mechanism can give in an accident and yes, it can be a factor depending on the blow, although it will also be a question of the quality of the helmet.

We come to Full Face Helmets, undoubtedly the best motorcycle helmet camera, since your head is within a rigid structure that will absorb a strong impact at any angle.

Finally, we have the Off Road or Dual Purpose Helmets, similar, but not the same, be careful with this, the former lack mica and are used with goggles and are intended for competition and in theory they are not approved for use on the street. , while the dual purpose do have mica, they are more comfortable and offer superior protection against the sun, these are highly recommended for long trips, but not in town.

And now what do you need?

Forget Jet helmets, we will never give them as an option, so we will focus on Integral , Modular and Dual-purpose, the first two being ideal for the city. At present there is a lot of variety, specialized establishments have many models that vary in price due to the weight of the helmet, which is another important point, since, if you buy one that feels heavy, after a while of use you will suffer it, and more if it is on the road.

It is important that when you go to buy it you verify the size well, since in motorcycle accessories each brand is different, and the cuts can be very different. Check that when you put it on you cannot move your head and the helmet has play, that would mean that it is very loose and can come off in an impact, it should stay right, but without you feeling that it takes your eyes out, since if there is a lot of pressure with the time will generate a headache. It should literally fit you like a glove, that fits you and stays fixed.

With these data you can get a general idea of the helmets and for use. If you want it for the city, a low-weight integral or modular with good ventilation are the option, as in a long trip , although we recommend that you have a spoiler-type appendage in the rear, this will prevent your head from moving. With the air, and of course, the double purpose, although the visor that it incorporates can generate movements at speed.

As you can see, the real advice we gave you with all these letters is that you invest in your helmet, there are brands with a wide price range without being Premium, try it on before buying it, feel that it fits you well, that it is ventilated and has the approvals from Snell and DOT that would become the NCAP of helmets.


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